Paladin Stats – 4.0 – pre-cata

Just my notes about Pally stats and reforging…feel free to ignore 😀

Reforge so that you meet hit cap and expertise soft cap (should not be needed in proper gear, perhaps you even reforge away from those stats). Then check if you are at the block cap (102,4 % summed parry+block+dodge, we lost miss since no defense anymore). If not reforge parry into mastery. If yes, reforge parry into dodge as long as it keeps you over the cap.

Stack parry rating up to 21.21% and dodge rating up to 21.6% (931 rating for both stats). Dodge and parry are our most effective ratings up to this point.

2) Reforge excess parry and dodge into mastery rating until you reach 102.4% combined avoidance and mitigation.

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