Taking the good with the bad

I was speechless earlier today..completely….I decided to jump on my level 33 priest this afternoon and do a couple of runs with the LFG thing…

you know it is going to get bad right about now right?

I am in there, trying to facemelt things, running dry with mana and thinking I was having an alright time, until some dickhead in the party – says “What’s with the priest they just leeching xp?”  to which I said nothing…I was WTF-ing at my monitor.

He then goes on to say – “priest doing 0 DPS”

I then say :

“I didn’t realise I was meant to be a fucking expert at this level”

his response was “you’re doing zero dps”

“I hate selfish people like this priest!”

and then thsy started spamming recount on me and I was doing like 78 dps…so according to that i was doing 78 more points of DPS than was quoted by dickwad…

But what annoys me is wtf is dps at lvl 33? It was SM library FFS…..did you want me doing 10k dps already? I have like 5 spells to use, 3 of which don’t get any benefit in low level places where mobs are dying before 2 ticks have gotten off…..

It has really annoyed me!!


3 Replies to “Taking the good with the bad”

  1. I hope you had every possible levelling artifact/heirloom equipped as well. Otherwise, clearly your game is wasting other people’s time. (I shudder to imagine what they will think of GENUINELY FRESH TOONS or people who level on new servers.).

    1. Funnily enough I don’t have any heirloom items on her because she is not on a server with toons that have that kind of stuff….back in the day when we didn’t have heirloom items you know…she is from another world if you ask me 😀

      But irrespective of that, yes if that was my first toon ever – i would be aghast at the attitude…

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