Patch day :D

So sad I didn’t get to log in this morning briefly before I had to go to work 🙁  and I will be home late tonight so won’t get online until probably 9-10pm :!

So many things I am looking forward to in this patch 🙂

Mainly having to regem all my gear for just int, get rid of all those extra stats and crap – I like 🙂  I have to investigate crit/haste before I go too nuts but YAY no more SP!!!

All the new Guild interface options of professions etc will be awesome, can’t wait to have a fiddle with all that :

The normal UI looks heaps better as well, loving the spell book.

and last but not least:

POLYMORPH MONKEY!!!!!!! OH HELL YES!!!  Shame it is a glyph – am actually annoyed I won’t be able to have both penguin and monkey – or maybe I can?  No idea…will find out tonight when I go and have a squizz 😀



2 Replies to “Patch day :D”

  1. Meh, the patch was no big deal really. You get to play with your master talent which is cool and then you see what the shiny new water looks like.. (it is pretty amazing actually) I say this patch was more background than anything. Just a warning, in case you read this before you install… make sure you have an extra 20g of space on your hard drive before installing the patch.

    1. Yeah about that patch…I am currently up to my second uninstall and reinstall…..not happy right now!!!

      Something is going awfully wrong with my game!!! grrrrr I was actually thinking when I read your comment earlier today, “20gb, meh all good, I have 800GB more where that came from”, so I may have actually cursed myself into not being able to even log into the game tonight….

      no polymorph monkey for me

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