Rape theme at the moment?

I have come back after a 4 month break and started getting back into the blogging world to find a whole bunch of recent posts and discussions about the usage of the word “rape” in the game…has it really increased that much or are people finally tiring of being inundated with sick and sadistic comments?

I used to get very upset about the work, so much so that whilst running my guild I booted people if they used it more than once.  The first time they received a very loud warning from me to NEVER say that word again, the second time they used it – they were gone from the guild.  I did not put up with it.

The reason being when people said that word, I would start bawling my eyes out and be unable to function for up to a week afterward causing me massive relapses into my rape experience and subsequent recovery.

I joined my dream guild and found a few members used the word more times than I like to admit, so I basically never spoke to them – even if they asked me a direct question I ignored them.  I suffered through a lot to stay in that guild because I wanted it so much, but I don’t think I will ever do that again.  I would hear it being said on vents and I would freeze up and forget what I was doing – I was probably the worst performer they ever had, but in the end I wanted them so much to be the guild I would stay with forever….I got sick and had to stop playing but my decision was a much easier one given the guild was using those terms.  Th Gl has taken a stance – good on em!!! – just wish I could have said something to them whilst I was in the guild about it, but I just never found the courage for fear of rocking the boat!

So my whole point to this is, no matter what your opinion is on whether you are being censored or if you feel you are being watched over by tight arse people wanting to ruin your game time – think of the people that may actually be affected by the words you use.

In the years I have been playing WOW, I have played with Blind, colour blind, nazi germany affected Jews, rape victims, mentally handicapped people and all manner of others, you never ever know what someone is behind that keyboard – so don’t assume they are the average joe – assume the worst and prepare for the best – you may even surprise yourself with the friends you make by not insulting the population before getting to know them 😀

4 Replies to “Rape theme at the moment?”

    1. I have to agree with you Jape!!

      I don’t get why it is so hard to be nice to people, I mean we share the world with them….I don’t know- I will never understand it 😀

  1. Excellent article! I agree totally. If I see somebody in a group or in chat use that term, they immediately go on /ignore.

    If a guildie were to use it, I’d have no problems whatsoever being very vocal about not using that word again. Thankfully, I haven’t had to do that. 🙂

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