Why am I doing this again?

So it looks as though the triad will be creating a guild again for raiding…however I am not going to be anything other than an admin type person who looks after the bank.  I am not going to be GL, and I am not going to have any input about booting people if needed.

I am a softy and I would never boot people, but hubby and Co are the ones who have the ability to.  So I am just going to trust their judgments and hope like hell they don’t boot everyone we get in 😀 hehehe

We are still in planning phases, and we are going to check out blizzcon before we get any firm decisions in place as we want to know what kind of time frame and GAME Blizz are going to be sending us 😀

Essentially though, we are only going to be raiding Wednesday and Sunday (tbc morning or afternoon) and the rest of the time we can just enjoy running heroics, farming, levelling alts etc.  We are all not wanting to get sucked into the full time raiding thing again and we are hoping there are others like us.

Like us means = people who know their class, read up about it, enjoy killing things, don’t want to play with people who don’t know how to move out of the fire etc, but in the end don’t have all the time in the world to raid…

We were in a horde guild very briefly that raided on a Friday night – for about 5 hours…that was it and they were almost surpassing the alliance guild I was in which raidied MOn, Wed Thus and some Sundays…..so it is possible to get through content.

So today I am going to investigate the guild and raid information that is currently avaialble from the BETA and the PTR etc and see what information I can glean that would be important or useful 😀

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    1. Hordeside – Nagrand 🙂

      Seems to be ok so far, have just been running heroics and doing dailies, haven’t pugged any raids yet, might do that tonight and see what kind of people they are 😀

      I will be moving my mage over in a week or so, but for the minute I am playing my Pally – Prismatique 😀

      Are you still playing? I wasn’t sure if you were at all?

      1. Not playing at the moment, but will likely come back for Cataclysm for a stickybeak.

        Guess I could roll my goblin on Nagrand.

        (Because I’m a sucker for punishment and want to see if you transfer off the server before I reach max level again like with Amun’thul 😛 )

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