Little bit of background

Further to my post about returning to WoW I thought I would give a brief explanation as to why.

I love the game. I love my mage. I love the graphics. I don’t like the time sink.

I have spent the last 4 months since leaving literally day dreaming about WoW. Whilst driving I would imagine riding my Black War Kitty through Stormwind or through Arathi Highlands. Just riding with the music going and killing monsters. I would day dream I was raiding ICC again and killing stuff, trying to improve my dps or damage.

I spent more time trying to avoid WoW information sites than I can fathom, and at the end of every week I was still checking for updates on Cataclysm. Some of our friends who still play would update me on their recent kills and the new instance and all the information would make me sad that I was not in amongst it all.

Suffice it to say, hubby has in the last couple of weeks mentioned a couple of times that he felt like logging on and just running some heroics and starting a new toon etc. I let these comments go as I was hanging for him to say he was going to do just reinstall.

Imagine my happiness when said friend was telling him about Cataclysm, hubby came home and said I am signing up again. Internally I jumped for joy and was screaming with happiness…I would soon be back in Azeroth, standing in IF, making money on the AH and running circles in Dalaran again…

I am seriously like a crack addict just being handed a hit… 😀

So after finally getting the game installed and updated and patched, I logged in….I wanted to savour the moment but at the same time I wanted to just get onto my mage.

Hubby and I have no plans at this time to commit to raiding, we don’t want to get pulled into the time sink, however that may change once Cataclysm comes out. We are tossing up the idea of joining a social guild, joining our old guild or perhaps even starting up our own again. BUt since it is only our first couple of days back we will make that decision later.

With the changes in Cataclysm the idea of making a 10 man guild is appealing since there won’t really be the need for 25 man gear etc…but I just want to enjoy the game for a few days before I start thinking about stuff like that.

So since we seem to be back for the minute I am going to start blogging again! YAY!

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