Death in Booty Bay

I decided last night, after doing some dailies to go forth and once again farm creatures in Hinterlands for the damn distress beacon….FINALLY got it after only about 20 minutes of killing slimes 😀 YAY ME!!!  Only taken me over 18 hours to farm the damn beacon….

Did the escort quest for my last chicken and then headed to Booty Bay where I promptly died upon landing as I forgot that I am not friendly with BB after getting my admiral hat 😀

Also found out I could not even hand in my quest – I was hoping by some small chance being he was a gnome he would have a different allegiance…I was sadly wrong 🙂

So I scampered off and started killing bloodsails, I figure I may as well farm the Hyacinth Macaw whilst getting my rep back up enough to hand in the damn distress beacon chicken!!  LOL  I have to get all the way from hated, so I figure I am going to be killing a fair few bloodsails….and yes.,..I am no longer going after the insane title…I just can’t be bothered in all honesty 🙂

Once  I have done these two I will start on the disgusting oozeling 🙂  Hopefully my priest will be level 50 soonish – if i actually start trying to get her moving and I can just throw her in the pit and let her work for it 😀  My shammy farmed 3 levels and a firefly so it is a good method 🙂 hehehe

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