Another one bites the dust…

Yup, that’s this is the end.

I have suffered another health scare/shock and I can no longer deny that looking after my in game health has now caused severe damage to my real life health. I am not sure if this is even repairable, however I do know that if I don’t pay attention and start focusing on me, I won’t get the chance to rez at the spirit healer.

I have cancelled my account today and I can play until the 4th July, I will be notifying my guild this afternoon when I get home and thanking them profusly for even offering me a trial. I will not be playing until then though, I may log on and say goodbye to some people, but then I will be uninstalling WoW from my computer to remove some temptation 😀

Thanks for reading with me and thanks for making my part in the blogosphere enjoyable.

PS – For anyone who is interested I will still be blogging under my personal blog (message me if you want that) and I may be starting a new one with a whole bunch of exercise related stuff (I am taking up aikido in a fortnight).


3 Replies to “Another one bites the dust…”

  1. Hey, Tova here. I’m really sorry to hear about your health scare. It sounds like making sure that you take care of that is the right move. It can feel a bit emotional to leave something behind that you’ve been deeply involved in for so long, but I trust that you will soon get into something new that you will enjoy tremendously.

    I hope that you have many new and exciting travels, and always have a place to hearth back to.


    1. Thanks Tova! It has been a rough week :/ but yeah I am hoping to find something one day 😀

      Good luck in your Azerothian travels and keep a summoning stone ready for me!

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