Got Hacked

Yeah I got hacked, can you believe it???

I was out with the family on Saturday and hubby rings me to tell me that my Mage had just jumped online…WTF?!?!!?

So he jumps onto my account management page and we do the auth via phone thing – he is unable to log on my mage but logs onto my pally. He then logs onto the website and changes my password for me 😀

So I have downloaded a scanner for my pc and low and behold 60 infections have been found.

The only sites I visit on my pc, are blogs and the usual things like, etc…..I do all my other surfing on my mac….

I am not impressed. I haven’t lost any gear or money, thank god my hubby happened to be online as he was logging off at the time. Thanks god he was fast enough to call me and get back my toons. My account was safe due to sheer dumb luck….are you going to be as lucky?

Changing my password again tonight just to be sure 🙂

So…be fucking careful people, because even with an authenticator attached to my account (for months) they can sting you 😀

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