That is not what I expected :)

So, to cut a long story short,  I got into a raiding guild on Caelestrasz….back to the fail server, but with a guild that has me as nervous as a school girl behind the bleachers….do they even have bleachers anymore?..more to the point do school girls even get nervous anymore ?? Especially since they are out there having babies at 10 and 11, they are barely school girls…

Anyway I digress.  So i moved my mage last night and whispered an officer, the last time I even dreamt of whisping anyone in this guild I was probably actually dreaming…

Wed/Thurs is their progression nights and they ended up having about 30 people online, so I was pretty much assured I wouldn’t get into the raid…I mean more than enough people PLUS progression..that was fine by me, I need to empty my bags, get some fishing for feasts done, make some flasks etc. 

I also found out that when you change factions you lose all your argent tournie rep – so I have to build that all back up again…CRY!!!!  But I guess I am ahead a little as I have some of the mounts and pets already, so the seals I get now will just be super 😀

So all of a sudden I got a raid invite….yeah….Heroic ICC….thankfully I am pretty sure it didn’t stay heroic…but I am not entirely sure, I was not really with it.

Talk about being thrown in the deep end, Blood princes and Blood Queen to start the night.  I sucked completely!  Well until I got a little more settled into the run and by the end of it I was doing ok I think.  Compared to the mage doing 17k DPS, I think my pathetic 7/8 was not too bad???  OUCH!!  Am going to have to suck their brains out if I can’t hit those kind of figures down the track.  I mean obvioulsy gear is a massive difference, I am in a few 25 man pieces but mainly 10 man stuff, they are in heroic 10/25 man gear….I was I think the lowest on the DPS meters, I didn’t check the damage done, I will check WoL later for that info, I am guessing I will be low on that as well.

More than DPS though, I was keeping out of the flames, not taking too much damage and not doing anything stupid, I got mind controlled at the end of Blood Queen because as I was running towards my target he blinked past me and I missed the chance to get him.  It was just bad timing, and I felt like a royal tool….but hopefully it won’t be immortalised forever 😀

I think I made some friends last night, time will tell, they seem to be a nice bunch of people, they get aggro when people are not listening or doing something, but if you are fucking up I guess it is only fair.  There has been a lot of server lag and that has not been helping the general mood for most players at the moment.

Anyway I need to start doing my dailies every day on all my toons so that I can get some money happening, and I need to get my shammy levelled so we can herb on her, as I need to start making flasks and potions for raiding.  Will need 2 flasks most nights, and if hubby is raiding we will need 6 flasks as he isn’t an alchemist with the extra long flask buffs.

All in all it has been an interesting week and I am still reeling from all the decisions I have made and the outcomes of those decisions.

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  1. Good Luck Boss, Keep in touch and all the best 🙂

    Do we get a guild name ?

    Might have to roll a horde toon an cael to keep in touch 🙂


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