New site I think

I am currently working on moving my blog to a new and sexy version hosted by me 😀

Have requested the web designing husband to create me a site that looks awesome, well in my head it looks awesome – it may not translate to anything so cool once done.

I am also going to be playing with the guild forums as well, am thinking of moving them across to the wordpress platform as well entirely as they have forum plugins which could be pretty cool. I do like the phpbb3 forum set up though and am not sure if the wordpress forum is as configurable, but I guess there is no harm in trying 🙂 eheheh

I might spend some time next weekend on working on it and coming up with some ideas 🙂 As it is I still have never really finished the guild website…I do feel bad about that occasionally, but I think there are only about 5 people that really use the forums, and yes they may be underrated but in future, if we want to expand as a guild having forums is a good way to go I think 😀

Had a thought about perhaps staying as a 10 man guild, but expanding how many teams we have. You know I was ready about a couple of guilds the other day, and there are so many out there that have different 10 man groups…at different times and raid days etc, I found it fascinating. It is like mini guilds within a big guild all working together and I thought that sounded awesome.

For example you could have a morning raid group, a weekend raid group and a midday group, but generally we will all cross paths etc, and it means you always have people online to do things with and you have a nice big pool of people for professions etc…

It would be difficult from a logistic perspective, but you just have as many raid leaders/officer type people as there are groups and go from there. It also means people can run with more than one toon -i could run my pally in the weekend team if they were short a tank etc….

Might be something to ponder 😀

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  1. For someone that says one guild is hard enough to run – you want multiple sub guilds ???

    R U NUTS ?

    anyway – go for it . most of us will back you up even if you are crazy 😛

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