Please try and remain in context :D

So it has been brought to my attention directly and indirectly that a few people have gotten annoyed with my ranting post about last night and I can only say what i said to others, please keep it in context and do not just assume, without asking, that it is about one person or incident.

As explained to another person there was about 5 conversations going on last night that pissed me off and many people having a go at me about different things from PTR, to offnights, to rosters, to specs, to healing to gear etc….

a culmination of events occurred last night to piss me off!!!

As is always my way, I want rant, rave and crack it, but the next day, and indeed generally 20 minutes after the crack, I am over it, forgotten about and realising that I have probably (as is my way) overreacting.

As a point to note, you could ask probably 80% of my friends and they will ALL agree I overreact as my first reaction, but about 10 minutes later I am asking if I did over react.  But they would also admit that I generally let things go once I have a chance to think about it.

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