Not even back a week :)

I don’t really know why I put a smiley face on the title, maybe I am trying to find the funny side of it….

Here’s the background, I was basically away from the game for about 2 months (slightly less) I have 3 GM’s who are actually the GM’s and can do whatever they feel is appropriate and talk amongst themselves and sort out problems.

I got back this week, to a GM asking immediately to be demoted from the ranks – I had not been in game for more than about 15 minutes I would say.  When asked why, we didn’t really give me an answer just re-requested it.  So I demoted him.

2 days later that same GM asks me what is going on and if I am back or am I doing anything about one of the other GM’s taking over. When probed about it there was an issue about raid start/finish times.

When we regrouped from the guild from hell, we never really organised the raid times, we kind of just wanted to get back into raiding as soon as possible, this has now caused an issue.  Once I had assumed my fucking guild leaders could organise and discuss whilst I was away for 2 months, why do they have to wait for me to get back to even discuss it???

There is now a huge drama thread on our guild forums about it and no one is happy about any options people are offering.

I am annoyed that I am not even back a week and I get dumped with issues….yes they were killing bosses and doing really well, but now I find out about all the crap that has happened to get them there and it falls to me to try and explain to everyone or fix the problems….I sometimes wonder why I bother…I really love being a GM, I love being part of the running of the guild I love having control, but when I essentially have no control because I come back to a missmosh of crap…..I just feel al little listless and wanting to do the lovely /gdisband thing and telling them all the fuck off and running away!!  I know I won’t though, I have put too much into this guild to not make it work…..


I am sure my last few posts have added fuel to an already massive =bonfire…will go and check it out…..and then I may decide to NOT read forums ever again 🙂 ehhehe

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