Gear upgrades and stuff :D

I went into an ICC 25 man raid and I won a ring and a glove upgrade, I then went into VOA25 and won a pair of tier pants.  So three upgrades in one night, got to love that if you ask me!

My Gearscore according to wow-heroes went from 2406 to 2967 or something, so I am pretty stoked about that 😀

It was a good pug for ICC, we one shot everything except Saurfang and even him we got to 15% or so on the first shot.  We didn’t wipe, we just kept moving through the trash and onto bosses, it was a very good run and very enjoyable, no one was being an arse. We were not even using vents, so was nice to just be chilling out and not thinking about anything other than killing.

I definately need to fix my quartz now though, being out here means my latency has doubled to approx 400 and I have been noticing the red bar is HUGE!!

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