New PC post – (piccies and long!)



Yes I DID!!!

SO for all you techie people out there, it has 4Gb Ram, a terrabyte HD and the following videocard and CPU.



So I took too many piccies as it was being built – too much excitement if you ask me 🙂

But here it is being assembled into the case:

And then sitting on my desk next to my Mac :

We tossed up about the parts for a little while but decided better to get something able to game on and not spend thousands of dollars, as we may need to upgrade in a years time anyway. So we went midrange for most of it, but current midrange is about 50 times better than our current machines – considering they are almost 5 years old.  Besides we did have to buy 2 of everything so we had to be a little more realistic about prices.

Last night we spent running memtest to ensure everything was ok with it, then this morning we installed Windoze,  then downloaded drivers for my G15 keyboard (YAYAYAAYA) and my mouse, also ensure the videocard was up to date.

Installed WoW and logged into the game, opened up my video options and hit the “Ultra”settings, then had a mini orgasm watching my paladin running around Dalaran with a constant fps of approx 50 😀  It was like 48 or something, I can’t quite remember what the number was as I was too excited at the awesomeness, I then ran to Kraus’ landing, jumped on a flier and flew off Dalaran only to be shocked to be able to actually see into the distance and onto the ground from up so high….

So many little things I have never seen before in the game and it makes a massive difference to the experience. For example I was looking at my toons on the selection screen and noticed some cool effects on my gear that I have never ever seen before.  In Dal, I noticed little graphical details that just made it seem so alive, and do you know what is awesome, there was no delay with lag etc and running around with 50 fps compared to 1fps makes a HUGE difference!!

I didn’t get to play for too long as we had to go out by the time everything had installed and I know if I log on I will not want to leave, so I need to get some more boxes unpacked before I settle in and play some content.

I need to get my UI sorted and Vents and  virus thingie etc, I might try and do that tomorrow once our guests leave.  I am posting this now though as they are watching LOTR and I have seen it so many times I hardly think I am going to miss much 🙂

Anyway I better run, I just wanted to update and let you know I was still here, now that we have finally moved in and have our new comps, I should be back posting more regularly and likely more screenies now the game looks super awesome 😀

2 Replies to “New PC post – (piccies and long!)”

  1. Finaly and end to the bitching about a small amount of screen taaring and an excuse for sub par DPS 😛

    Welcome back BOSS

    1. Yeah my only problem being when I do suck at DPS I don’t have a convenient excuse, I just have to admit I suck!! LOL This could work against me…hrmm, it appears my new pc has just been stolen…..AHAAHHAHA

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