Mage class preview changes

So I waited patiently, reading all the other class changes, excited and in awe that we we re getting provided with any information prior to release 😀

Anyway, it was almost the 11th April here when they finally went up, so don’t tell me i wasn’t patient 😀

Mage changes are pretty nice, i don’t want to play arcane – will defintely be looking into fire or frost..probably frost as that has been the spec I have wanted to play for a while.

I am not going to go through all the changes as any bloggers that read this will already know what they are. But I am excited to be able to see what kind of things they are thinking.

I am amazed though that so many people are angry at the changes, I men they haven’t even released the game, you haven’t even played it yet and you want to bitch, well to be honest, I have not disliked much that blizz have done, I enjoy the game an I think ultimately if Blizz breaks something they do fix it – eventually 🙂

I am excited!!!

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