ICC 25 Pug, tier 10 and random

I sneaked online last night to play whilst the hubby was out having drinks with work mates, and I found I only needed like 8 badges to get my Tier 10 pieces. Well I mean 2 of them.

So after some discussion I did the Weekly raid and spent almost 40 minutes doing Flame Leviathan, the Pug group was so epicly fail I am surprised we even managed to get it done. Someone started it in hardmode for a start, but then we spent 10 minutes telling people they had to kill the towers and instead of doing that they just waited near FL, needless to say we went with one tower still up and I scored an orbital achievement 🙂 So wooppee!

I then tossed up between a heroic daily and an ICC run, decided on the latter and ended up in a 25 man. Was a fairly good run for a PUG 25….I don’t normally PUG stuff – I just don’t have the time normally, but we wiped a little on trash because unfortunately some people can’t understand the concept of watching their surroundings.

I had to drop after Deathwhisper was killed as I had t pick up hubby from the city, but I scored myself enough badges for my tier pieces – until I managed to score the Shoulders that she dropped, so now I have to reevaluate what gear I should get as I am not likely to buy the shoulder tier now 😀 But I will go back in on the weekend some time and weigh up my options.

So woot to me!! With all the gear upgrades lately I am still keeping inline with everyone else sort of…
It was a very enjoyable run to, very calm and laid back, no yelling – although there were a little frustrations coming out after we wiped on LDW the first time, but I think that comes with any PUG made up of quarter guilds…I had like 5 of my guildies, anther guild had 8 or so and some other guild had a fair few as well…

I am sure my bear will be able to tell me what they finished up on last night?

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  1. Wiped twice on Saurfang before Beerboy and a couple of others had to go so was a good night. Gave trim the message to mail beerboy to be added to invites for the friday night pugs. Can see that beeing a regular friday night thing if i can get an invite, good run fast enjoyable

    1. Ahhh very cool, shame you didn’t get Saurfang down, but he isn’t an easy fight even for guildies 😀 Were you lacking my Uber DPS? LOL I think you were beating me last night!

      1. Should i be worried then seeing as that was my offspec and not main spec??? That reminds me i need to get some moore boomie gear now i got my 4piece t10.

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