I was needed to raid again tonight, so i jumped online to help the guys out.

I was notified of a little event that happened the night before about tempers flaring, and was rather surprised to find that some people are getting more and more annoyed with running with the less aware people. I knew it would eventually come to a head, but I was perhaps not expecting the person it came from. Anyway, I decided, wrongly I think, to bring this up with the other GL’s, that perhaps we needed to calm the populace and try and come up with a healthy resolution to the issues.

The response I got was appalling, in my humble opinion. I was told to ignore complaints or information as it was people whinging and exaggerating!! This was of course AFTER the other officers said they had not seen any issues or heard of anything going wrong…because most people like causing public drama apparently….I know when I crack the shits I want the entirety of Azeroth to know about it…I mean seriously!!! Just because it was handled PRIVATELY!!!!! does not mean there are no problems!!

I know this probably doesn’t seem like anything major, but I just couldn’t fathom the conversation, I was speechless for about 25 minutes whilst they all discussed why they had not been told or approached and why they were not involved and me me me me….I was asking for some ways to bmp up the guild morale not be told I was basically lying.

Oh well, such is the way, I know being a GL is worth the effort when I have 50% of my guild being what you want in guildies. They support, they question, they ask, they help, they challenge, but they do it with respect and a little interest in the actual progress of the guild. I think I have learnt a valuable lesson this week.

Lesson: – Just STFU and don’t mention things to the others who are supposed to be helping you.

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