Bam, right in the kisser

I was given news today that our ex guild, whom we had issues with and left abruptly has just imploded.

This news has given me mixed emotions.

I have no tbeen playing much as hubby and I have sold our house and will be moving in about 5 weeks, so we are spending every moment, not at work, packing and cleaning the house.

I have not even logged into the game for a while, maybe a week and I am suffering withdrawl and jealousy that the guys are raiding and I am stuck getting covered in DUST!! ARGH!!

Anyway this ex guild was made up of a great bunch of people, with perhaps a little too much attitude from the actual leaders of the guild, but overall they were nice. I think they wanted to see content and not be held back, anyway, they went off the deep end, booting everyone out of the guild, transgerring off servers and stealing guild banks etc.

I understand the pressure of running a 25 man guild, but I am not sure they understood that insulting people and calling them names and bad players etc is not necessarily the way to win supporters…

I am glad others in the guild can now see why we left and what made us decide to leave, however us leaving was probably the precurser to a lot of this….they went from having a 25 man raiding team and almost a 10 man team, to barely making raids run at all….and then from the rumours it just went downhill.

I feel bad that we have in some part killed another guild, but am happy that others can see why we didn’t want to put up with it…

I am in cross minds and I may jump online tonight to have  chat with the bois and find out any other gossip i can and perhaps chat to some of the people in the ex guild and rebuild friendships that I have a feeling may be able to be rebuilt now that everyone can see them for what they were….funny funny arsehats 🙂

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