So rotface, 50%, 47& an 46% and then all hell broke loose 😀 eheh

But considering the other nights we were in there we didn’t get to 80% and we had no control over the slimes whatsoever, last night was a massive improvement.  We had a practice in the hallway first which I think helped people understand what was going, may have seemed a little retarded at the time, but sometimes people need a little added explanation 😀

Our kiting tank, as I expected, was doing it perfectly, a couple of untimely deaths, but that is just healers coordinating with the sliming etc. Essentially everyone was moving and getting the slimes happening together and that’s the biggest thing.  Although if people die it is a problem for whomever the slime heads to.

We went and did the raid weekly boss in ICC as well for those who had the quest – apparently it was buggy for some, but anyway, he was a little tough until we figured out we just needed to rotate the disease through the crowd and communicate.  Was a little hard towards the end when we had 3 diseases up and no one able to handle it, but we smashed him on 3 attempts.

We may alter the strat just slightly, tweak a few little bits but will see how that pans out after next week.

So overall, even though we didn’t down the boss, I think it was a great effort.  Maybe next week we will have his number, then can head onto professor….

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