Fester and Rot

Sounds about right if you ask me……What a insane night!!

OK firstly one shot on Festergut – was UBER!!  Not much to say really, we went in and we kicked butt, then we left 😀

So to Rotface, let me just say, I know Blizz are trying to make this game more appealing to the casual player but I think encounters like rotface would make me quit the game. 

You have casual and you have casual….I think the definitions of those two need to be more clearly defined before they start claiming they are trying to broaden their scope.

The encounter is not overly complicated – well not anymore so then some of their other ones, but I am what you would consider a hardcore casual, so I love my raiding and I know everything I can about an encounter before I go in, I try and be as aware as possible of what is going on around me so I can not be a pain in the arse to 9 or 24 other people.  The casual people though cannot seem to handle the complexity of this fight.

The premise of too much goo, death and woozes is I think altogether too much for some people to handle, and I have to be fair – after my first night in there, I am dreading going back in there.  I hate this fight, I dislike it more than I can imagine and I am hoping like hell that the Professor doesn’t drop anything nice that people in the raid want…..perhaps we can just skip that wing entirely!!

At one point we had two healers running around with slimes and not healing, so people kept dying – out strat needs work, we spent all night wiping over and over. People were just not getting the hang of the slimes and having to kite them, however on one attempt we got him to 75%, so although we didn’t appear to be getting anywhere I think we actually were.  From what I am told though the first night they went in they were not even getting 2 seconds into the fight, so I guess it is an improvement.

I am going to watch some videos and read some strats and see what we can do about making it easier for people to understand what needs to happen.  I hope we can get this one down, it might be our Hodir!

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