Why oh why patch night!!

ICC, what a night…the day after patch…why do we even think about raiding.

So what started off as laggy only ended up getting worse, mid fight every time, someone would be advising they were lagged. I t was horrid.

However, despite that, we managed to get the first wing cleared.  We basically had to 2 shot everything, except gunship, as Marrowgare midfight a couple of people lagged and it meant death, we then got to LDw and our tank lagged just as phase 2 started and we didn’t realise until the tank went down, then the second tank had trouble picking her up because all the DPS had gone balls to the walls and were not stopping, we got her to like 10% or something though. 

Then, as we were clearing to Saurfang, the general chat started exploding with information that he was bugged and really hard, (we late found out he was apparently stuck in heroic mode – still not entirely sure about that).  Anyway we get there and our first attempt we actually did really well, but the marks were just happening too quickly – we were unprepared and the healers had not coordinated very well.  The second attempt was much better and we smashed through it, I don’t think we found it all that more difficult than normal? So maybe I am hopeful when I think we are better than we think J That of course is when everyone is paying attention and doing their job.

My tank was back in the raid and I have to admit I think he makes a huge difference to the success of the group.  Both our tanks know what they are doing, they know how to play their class and they are confident with what they can and can’t do.  It’s the can do attitude that sets them up for success and ease of raiding, I had such a good night I was happy to be raiding 😀

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