Lookie what you guys can do :D

What a fucking night!!  OMG, I am sort of speechless!  Tonight was supposed to be a shooting the breeze kind of night, you know, do some TOC and some Ony and then OBS etc just chill out. Instead the guys went and did TOC – in 30 minutes!!! – and then headed to ICC for some killing.

ToC – in 30 minuites was just amazing…everything was dead so quickly and from the sounds of it everyone was doing what they should so perfectly, I have never seen the bosses die so fast in there 🙂

I didn’t originally want them to go to ICC as I didn’t know if everyone that missed out last week would be in, but they were. so They trundled off, without 2 of their higher DPS, and managed to one shot marrowgar, 3 shot LDW, 1 Shot Gunship and Saurfang!! 

It was damn funny as the Raid leader was saying, “we’ll just give it a shot and see how we go ok – no pressure”  and it was perfect execution!  He did so quickly and easily 😀

They had an awesome night and worked together really well!  I was enjoying just listening to them on vents getting it done, I have to admit I was very jealous !  Runs never go that smoothly when I am in them!  HAHAH  But I am happy they are managing to get some awesome group work happening 🙂

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