Here we go again :D

So I left, obviously and it caused quite a stir.

I stupidly thought I would one of only a couple that would leave due to the crap that occurred, but well nope, the entire guild bar 2 people left and came back to the old guild, which I have kept around for the bank tabs etc.

So on the first night we all jumped on our old vents server and just chatted about the whole thing.  We are back to being just a 10 man guild and being part of the family.

One of my mates likened it to putting his comfy slippers back on and sitting on the couch with a beer, I found this heartwarming to be honest.

I felt awful the first couple of days, constantly apologising to everyone for the hassles, but there is only a couple of people I feel really bad about as I know they were really happy there and would have stayed with them.  I need to just deal with the fact that if they didn’t want to be here, they wouldn’t be, and I love them, but I don’t want them to be here if it makes them unhappy in any way.  ARGH, I will talk to them over the next couple of days 😀

We raided on Monday night, just ToC, OBS and Ony, nothing major but it was nice to get into the groove with everyone again.  We had fun, we were just enjoying ourselves 😀

Tonight, shutdown, we just went to trash farm in ICC, which will be good for the people that havent been there much, it means tomorrow night we shouldn’t have too many problems.  I think everyone in the raid wiped us tonight for just oddball things, was fun in an annoying kind of way 😀  but we were all laughing about it.  A couple of us got some ring upgrades due to the rep increase, which was nice, but the practice is good as none of us have been in there all that much 😀

I did not plan to be running a guild again, so am in the process of dealing with all that again.  We have delegated 3 other people to help with the admin stuff and help out, so I might make up a list over the next couple of days detailing what they can do to help etc.  So should make my life easier 😀

The guild as a whole is going to stay as a 10 man thing, but look at doing 25 mans one night a week etc, perhaps even more than one night, but it will just be with alliances so to speak.  We already have a possibility lined up, but will need to discuss it further with everyone and the other guild obviously 😀  We will keep recruiting and stuff, but it isn’t going to be a focus, we are hoping that by pugging more, we may score people that are more like us etc.  So we may get into 25 mans one day, but we are not going to aim for it in anyway at this time.

All in all I think it will be good, this way we can get some 25 man stuff in for those who really want to do it and then 10 mans for us to just enjoy the game and have some fun again 😀  I am basically nervous, excited, ashamed, upset, happy, sad, and scared.  LOL all rolled into one ball!

Let’s see ow it goes from here 😀

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