Drinking plus raiding don’t ever mix

So I must have the shittiest roll luck I have ever seen. So far this week I have lost out on 4 pieces of gear which would have been nice upgrades because I can’t seem to roll higher than a 10 😀 Welcome back to raiding with no loot system 🙂 And do you know who keeps winning most of them…..yeah the hubby….damn thief!! LOL Why is he on a DPS cloth class now!! *CRY*

After the belt drop off Marrowgar (or whatever the fuck his name is) last night i decided i needed to drink! LOL

Also had an issue with the guy I put on ignore, he must have tried to whisper me, as he came into vents to ask why I had him on ignore, but I didn’t know because I Had him on Mute as well….he then whispered hubby to ask why he was on ignore and I advised hubby to just say I was pissed and to leave me alone for a couple of days….I might take him off ignore today at some point and see what goes down….It wasn’t mean to be a shit storm. I am concerned I have caused and issue and I really don’t want to have caused one….i am never going to use ignore on a guildie again, it is just far too stressful!

The guild is asking for raid leader to help out as apparently the other night no raids went ahead as no one wanted to raid lead….I considered putting my name down, but after Mr Mage have decided I am not even going to attempt it….no point in embarrassing myself.

Speaking of embarrassing, I think I may have figured out what I am doing wrong in my rotations, I am not using my arsenal all the time. I was starting to use all my cool downs last night on trash and was hitting 16*17k on the AOE trash, with a frame rate of 0. Welshy was hitting 30k or something fucking ridiculous!! Mr Mage would have probably hit 50k…LOL Either way I was impressed with that, so I have to start using my cool downs all the time. I definitely can’t do 25 man content with 0 fps, well it bounced up to 1 occasionally last night. So I am beginning to like being arcane considering the numbers I can pull out 😀

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  1. See you do do well, get a computer that works all the time ( yes i will say a mac or p c to suit yourself ) and then when you can acutally see things ypou will find that your dps takes another leap. I know when sxual took me through a couple of things on my boomie i gained closed to 2k dps and can keep a consistent 5k now and peak on bosses close to 7k when all my cools downs are up. Cheer up both mr mage and welshy think your doing fine so once the hard ware issue is solved, watch out #3 position here you come 🙂

    1. Thats excellent regarding your DPS increase 😀 I did mention to him that you were not a boomy in nature and that tanking was your thing 😀 hee It is good to see the numbers going up, were you doing something overly bad?

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