Temper Temper

You know it and I know it, hell probably half the continent knows I have a bad temper when pushed too far, but tonight I barely had any control.

I have always considered myself to be a fiery person, but I am generally able to just let a lot of things slide for the betterment of situations.

Tonight, I have typed a response to a person about 15 times in my head and not one of them is ever going to get posted, as I generally don’t believe name calling, flaming and swearing promote a positive environment.

However this is now the 4th strike for this fellow guild member and he is now on ignore, in game and on vents, something I have never ever done in the 5 years I have been playing this game. I have also removed my alts from the guild as I don’t want to put up with him, I just want to get away from him completely.

I am not going to stick around after strike number 5. I have no need to be placed in a position where I feel uncomfortable or unhappy for 20 bucks a month. I love my guild, I have not been this happy in a guild in a very long time, excluding my own guilds I mean. Someone asked me where I rated this guild and I said top without hesitation. I love being here, I love the people, the fun, the seriousness, the friendship and I do not want to go anywhere else.

So I am hoping this ignore thing will work as I don’t want to leave a guild I really feel as though I have found a home and I respect the officers and GM’s in this guild so much – I don’t want to lose that by going off my head in the heat of the moment and having a go at this guy – publicly or privately. That would serve no purpose, I am new to the guild, I am but one person who has an issue with another – it happens all the time, I have tried to mediate many of those situations in my own guilds, and being on the other end of the stick can see why sometimes no amount of mediation will help.

Sometimes just ignoring them works, let’s hope it does, because it would be grossly unfair to him for this to be made into something it isn’t. I dislike him, the 80 other people in the guild probably like him, so obviously something is amiss with me, I shall persevere.

I am not keeping secrets, I am keeping the peace – for the good of the guild Mr Mage :p

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