The time has come to say goodbye

So I think I can handle 10 mans, but my computer can definitely not handle 25 mans, I had such an issue last night getting any of my spells to actually cast I was tempted to just log.

We went to TOC, and the screen tearing was insane, i reloaded my UI and vertical sync so many times I can’t remember, then we went to Ony 25 and none of my spells would cast at all, it was fucking stupid.


10 mans seem to be ok, and 25 mans seem to be ok if I do them after the computer has been off for 8 hours or so, and I do them straight away….once it starts to heat up – it’s all downhill.

Anyway, I am annoyed and I enjoy 25 man raiding, so this is a bitter pill I refuse to swallow! I will keep doing everything I can until the point where I break the computer from sheer frustration.

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