guild update, overdue i know

So time for a guild update since it has been a little while, Xmas is coming up and NYE so we aren’t raiding at the moment, but I have spent the last couple of weeks getting heroics and gear under my belt.

Have been using the random heroic thing, which is pretty cool, and just running repeatedly. Still prefer running with the guildies I have become rather attached to, however they aren’t always available 😀 ehehhe

I have managed to get my gearscore up and am now ranked i think we counted at 25th? the other day for the guild, which is still low as far as I am concerned, but it was better than being 45th 😀  So will continue to work on that. I need more frost badges to get my next level of tier pieces, but for the minute I am trying to save up my cloth for boots and stuff… it ill slowly get up there.

Mr Mage is helping me heaps with making me a better mage, I have improved my DPS from approx 3.5k to over 9k if all my procs are going and on average now in a 25 man raid I am hitting 5k if I am not dicking about with typing etc.  So not only has he helped me with my gear and is still helping me, he has managed to get me to play at a much better level.  I am surprised I even let them to be honest, a few years ago I would have told them where to shove it and I would have left, but he isn’t an arse about it and he isn’t making me feel like an idiot so that helps…  I still have trouble not watching the raid frames and wanting to call out what is going on but I can’t really compete with the current raid leader.

Can I also point out that tanks that can TPS like maniacs are a huge difference as well, perhaps it is the jump in gear, I don’t know but I barely have to look at omen anymore because I know if our pally is tanking he will be so high on threat I will never catch him, I love that feeling, means I can just burn hard and watch my dps increase.  Riding threat was never a pleasant experience and I know a few of our guys appreciate that as well.

After a few more rads with them, I can’t believe how good a raid leader he is. Makes me somewhat jealous I have to say, he is on top of every minute detail that is going on, and is still able to tank  😀  heheh  I have never hd so much fun in raids as I have the last few weeks, I know we seem to be a lot quieter in raid than they are, but i think that has slowly begun to change. We were still new and unsure etc, now people are settled in a little more they are causing havoc.

I am concerned about a couple of poeple, but have been assured it is ok and under control, I have offered my services but they have not been taken up, so i have to breathe a sigh of relief at that 😀  I didn’t want the responsibility anymore, but I can’t help feeling concerned if my guildies – any of them – have issues with me or my friends.  I have developed a few friendships so far in the guild but have not really spoken to many people, I need to make a more concerted effort now that I am more settled into the guild.

What else has been going on?  Not much else really, so many people in the guild are just fabulous, filthy and fun,  I laugh  more than anything with these guys and I feel at home. I have had many ex-MA tell me they are happy and enjoying themselves.

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