Catch up

So a fair few things have been going on and I have not been updating 🙂

Patch 3.3 dropped 2 weeks ago, with Icecrown Citadel raid being released with 4 bosses.  They will release the rest over stages, I think due to the Xmas break there is a break of about 28 days before the next release of bosses.

We have been into ICC a couple of times now, we killed the first boss Lord Marrow something, on our first night in there on about 5th attempt and last night we went back in and one shot it.  It is a very long fight, well for us it was and most of us were kicking almost 6/7 k DPS.

We went and had a go and deathwhisper last night and well, not sure how well that fight is going to work, it seems a tough fight, but I am sure once we have the adds under control it will be fine.  We had about 4 shots on her and we were slowly getting better each time.

Onto other guild info, since we joined with this guild about 7 people have left/booted from the guild and apparently it isn’t us causing the issue, we had hoped that we would have enough people to run a 10 man at the same time as the 25’s this has now not happened as we have lost too many and we barely have enough to actually get a raid running on time.

This is also another issue in that raids never run at 7.30, last night we got started at 8pm I think, which was better than the previous night of 8.30, but it just is silly that we spend so much time waiting for people to turn up before we even start inviting when we have 23 people at 7.00..I know I would have started inviting and clearing trash while we waited for the extra 2 people.

All in all they are a nice bunch, if we can sort out this raid inviting/starting issue it will be really good.

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