Stepping on toes and all

It was recently brought to my attention, yesterday to be exact, that one our new guildies doesn’t really like us and is going to be, if not already, spoken to quite severely.

All because we are apparently FAIL!  Anyway I found it amusing that given alot of our tanks/healers were doing assignments they have never done before, we actually still got through the content. And I know the RL said we got through it in 2 hours should have taken us one etc, I don’t think they took into account all the AFKing the guildies were doing, we spent mor time standing around than actually fighting and that always eats into the time.

Anyway  I am going to keep my eye on this individual and if he so much as blinks crookedly I will be making it known….

I also find it funny they are soooooo pushing the whole gear score thing….I don’t get it and i certainly don’t understand why they are making such an issue of us having less gear, when if you look the entire guild up on the site, we are nicely spread amongst them so in essence our gear is no better or worse than theirs.  That makes me feel better as I was beginning to feel like we were holding them back and in reality we aren’t.  They have just as many people needing gear to get to the 2800 score they want…I might add they only have a handful that are within that 2700+ mark.

Anyway I am being slightly negative about it as I am finding it annoying to be constantly reminded about gear score when it isn’t the sole factor in the game. YOu have to know how to play your class and how to stand out of the fire. I can have every piece of the BIS gear, wont mean anything if i dick around and scratch my balls while raiding…But that is always the issue when trying to convince people that gear isn’t everything 😀

Aside from that, everything seems to be going well, everyone is getting along, we all seem to be making a concerted effort to slide into the guild as quickly and easily as possible 🙂 I shall give it another couple of weeks before I make any plans, but I think it is working well 😀

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