Warrior is getting closer

Yeah I got my warrior to 78 on Monday(?) i think!

She is now 30% through the level. She is wearing 2 pieces of the heirloom gear and that is helping a huge amount. Just need to ensure i kill loads of monsters!  and not beats or humanoids 🙂

One of the new guildies wanted to run me through toc normal fairly late last night, so I did that. I tanked 🙂  badly, well not true, not overlly badly, but the DPS would set in before I had hit the mob, and so they would run off into the wild. I didn’t say anything after al lia m only level 78 and I can’t be bothered yelling at people when the instance is pretty easy for level 80 toons and taking a hit from a mob isn’t dangerous 🙂 hehe

I was managing to keep my threat far above the DPS, which I was pretty proud about and I was only in really crappy greens/blue gear, I think some of my tanking gear may actually be level 70 stuff as well.  Possibly even lower 😀

All in all I woudl like to have her done this week,  but I can’t see that happening, I have a very busy weekend scheduled, although I di have nothing planned for Saturday night, I might be able to get some game time in then- perhaps get her to 79 and I may be able to get some game time tonight or friday 🙂

She may hit 80 by the weekend yet!!


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