First night

So our first night with the new guild, was different and slightly disturbing :S

We almost had enough for 3 10 man teams….but alas we started with 2 and then ran later for a third.

So we started at about 7.45 got into TOC and my group wiped on the NRB to kickstart the night.  As we were killing the last of NRB the second group got up to the TWins and got an achievement. We thought they must have cheated….anyway, we got the beasts down, I cried as the other mage in my group was doing 5.5k DPS whilst leading a raid and i was struggling to get out 3k dps…while doing nothing.  I will say though I was having some lag issues last night…I blame the lag!!

We one shot everything else, got to the twins and killed them in under 3 minutes, that was kind of sexy 😀 Then we went off anf did Ony and got the achievement to kill her in 5 minutes as did the other group 30 minutes before us 😀

So we managed to get the same achievements with both groups which had people from all over the place.  Was pretty good way to prove we can handle the same things 😀

I was very impressed with my guys being all cool calm and collected about the issue.  I have run in the first raid with them now so I am more than happy to chill out and let others have my spots. I just wanted to ensure my guys weren;t treated badly in any way.

I also transferred some of our guild bank over, I sort of picked a collection of stuff out and dropped with them. I will slwoly do the rest over the next few weeks. Don’t want to just assume that everything will be fine, this is still new to people. 

So the raiding was finished at 9.30pm, they called it there and sent everyone on their way. they actually started another group afterwards with alts and people who didn’t get into the earlier raids…I was abit concerned we didn’t sdo anything else afterwards..jsut called it, we would have gone into some toher raid to strecth it out to the full night, we would have gone to Ulduar for  couple of bosses etc, but nope…I found that a little weird but overal pretty refreshing.

I have to admit the biggest thing was just waiting for a raid spot. I just got to sit there and wait and hope I got in…it was awesome 😀 I was under no pressure to gt people in, or make people happy or answer questions. I just sat there and waited :d  It was pretty awesome 😀  Although my DPS sucked, I was still having a blast in the raid not having to worry about people doing the right thing. I was able to actually watch the fight and see some of the stuff going on, it was such a cool experience.

I think this has been a good move, they are great people, funny, dirty and they seem fairly honest and not wanting to cause any ill will 😀  I am going to enjoy my time here and I may even learn how to play some of my toons while I am!

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