That’s the end of that chapter

Well my guild is no longer…again….AHAHAH seems to be a theme….we have merged into another guild who is doing 25 man content and pushing through it at a very good rate – even doing hard modes and heroics and such..

I made a split decison over the weekend that this was something I needed to do. I can no longer run a guild with my health conditions and so for the overall wellbeing of everyone in the guild I decided to go ahead and let it go.

There were a couple of annoyed people that it had happened so quickly, but I just wanted to be rid of the weight and responsibility. I want to be able to focus on my life and be able to enjoy the game again when I am online. None of my guildies wanted to be GM, I asked them a while back to take over, and no one stepped up or even helped out at all – they all offered yet nothing was done if I was not online.

This new guild seems ok, they are filthy – which I love! and they seem to fun!

I went to OS25 man last night in a pug and was 3rd on damage meters overall at the end and my overall DPS was 4500 approx…which is shit hot for me.  I made a concerted effort to not even look at the raid frames and instead just focus on my rotation and hit my buttons as fast as I could.  It seemed to work 😀

I am feeling good, I am feeling already, like I wnat to jump online and just play the game – which is not something i have felt for a long time.

I went and spent all my badges on the heirloom gear for my toons, I bought the leather ones, so my warrior can use them for 3 levels, my shammy can then use them and my druid will be able to use them as well.  So I thought it was a good buy. Shame my warrior will be wearing leather but for 3 lelveas, I don’t think it will be an issue, the hope is that she will be levelling so fast it won’t matter!

Here’s to getting her to 80 soon I think !!

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