Talk about gearing up

So tongiht, late, ie just before shut down a few people wanted to drag my pally through TOC, who am I to complain, anyway hubby yells at me to jump online and off we go, after me complaining that I didn’t feel like it.

So normal mode we did it, and I scored 2 peices of gear, thought to myself, wow, nice one…then they decided that normal was so easy they woudl do it heroic….I laughed at them and told them they were nuts, anyhoo 30 minutes later I walked out with every single peice of loot that dropped in there.

Every single peice was plate DPS gear, with the exception of 2 peices which were mail DPS, for an enh shammy, but suits me until I get some plate in those slots.

So i am a little in shock that after 2 runs I am essentially geared up and only really need to fix my weapon/rings/trinkets/necklace and cloak.  Every other slot is epiced.

I have no money for gems/enchants so will be stealing some of hubby to cover the costs until I can get some dailies done.  I am glad I am only going to be raiding with these guys like once a month if they need an extra DPS. I don’t think I could handle the pressure of having to constantly fix my gear. I don’t want to play hordeside all that much, I love alliance and I love my HUMAN mage 😀  There is something about her I just don’t ever want to leave or change 😀

You have to love TOC!! Easy way for epix if you ask me! espeiclaly since there are still weapons and rings in there that I could use :d

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