Guild Drama

We had guild drama tonight.

I am mortified that this has happened in front of our 2 new recruits.

The MT had a dummy spit about a peice of offpsec loot that went to a friends ranked alt.  The MT then left the raid and their partner had to log as well, leaving the raid 2 short for a 10 man raiding guild.

TO say I am annoyed doesn’t relalycome close. I am pissed, so damn pissed people are lucky I didn’t start booting them just because of past indiscretions.

My bois all jumped me the minute i got online to tell me what had gone down and to say I just was speechless isn’t really it…I was more …dumbfounded….yes that’s a nice word.

So I have sent PM’s to the people involved but I need to come up with a plan of action as this is now the second time the same person has done this, and I am really unsure of myself right now.  I wish more than anything I wasn’t a GM so I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit anymore…..

I thoguht running with a bunch of adults things like this wouldn’t come up – obviously I was wrong – and I cna’t say much for fear of ruining the real life friendship, but damned if I am going to put up with this again considering the now relaly hurtful feeling in the guild between many people.

I need time to think about my next move before I do soemthing rash which my be regretabble

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