Coz we can’t get enough of those damn snakes

Back to ToC again tonight and we got up to the Twins again, we had the new people with us and our recently dinged healer, so I knew it woudl be tough – even if we could manage any of it, but I am surprised, yes we managed quite well.

The faction chmapions were our stumbling block as we got a DK/warrior, hunter/mage and shammy/pally combo…it was very hard.  the DK/Warrior were running aroudn 2 shotting everything in sight, the shammy kept chain chasting lesser healing wave and the pally was generally just a pain in the butt 😀  But after some readjustment and using every tool in our arsenal we got them down.

PVP encounters in PVE relaly make you realise how much we don’t use all our spells, for example by the end of the attempts we were having both our warriors use intimidating shouts, priest was fearing whenever possible, the warriors were using their throws as well as our pally healer throwing their stuns in and everyone else was ccing and trapping and novaing everything they could.

It’s very different to an encounter where you really just kind os use a rotation and hope lilke heck you can pull out the numbers to beat the enrage. I really enjoy the faction champions fight 😀

We only had a couple of shots on the Twins just to show everyone the fight so when they read the strat they have a bette runderstanding of what goes on etc.  But not sure we can handle the Twins without our best geared on due to the shield needing 15 seconds and 250k damage.

But we can go to Ulduar tonight and get some gear for the lesser geared players, which will help with that.

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