Fun times

We had a really good raid tonight, everyone was on the ball and doing their thing. We one shot everything except Hodir and called it after we killed Thorim.

The poor kiwis had daylisght savings,  which means they are 3 hours ahead for this week, so we have been calling raids early so as to not inconvenience them too much.  I don’t mind at all especially when we are having an awesome night. We cleared so much tonight.  We started at about 6.45 and got to Hodir trash by 7.50pm, so just under and hour and we only skipped Ignis.

Everyone was in pretty high spirits, which is helped by the fact we were doing content we know we can do. Ony was beginning to make us dread raiding I think.

So tomorrow night Freya and Mimron…we are so close on him – then only 2 bosses to go 😀  WOOT WOOT!!  heheh

I really do love my guild, i know I bitch when we are having bad nights, but we all do that.  I just can’t remember a time when I have had so much fun with people, consistently.

I really think, these guys are the reason I have been playing as long as I have. They are just fun to be around and they really do have me in stitches sometimes, but the upside is most of them can actually play as well 😀

One of  the people who doesn’t raid with us anymore because we always had bad nights when they were in the run with us…lol no coincidence I assure you….decided to run with us tonight and they were rather impressed with how good we were going, and as I said to them – they never saw us on our normal nights, they saw us on new bosses – wiping over and over again, which is part of the game.

Anyway I am feeling strangely satisfied with tonight and in a very good mood 😀  eheh

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