foot in mouth disease :D

So after my little whinge fest, my guild decides to prove me wrong and kill bosses like we are in a level 60 instance.

We killed Beasts and Jaxx this week….both after very little effort. Now I know they are not considered hard bosses like Ulduar, but you have to understand we have a very unsual group of people who can’t seem to move out of the fire or read about the strat they need to perform.

Bot OMG…they have rocked my socks this week.  I was saying they couldn’t do it, and they have proven they can.  Once again they have risen to the challenge with the group we have and pulled off a massive win 🙂

I relaly am so proud of them and I think I am at the point where I don’t care if it takes us a little longer, we will get there and we will enjoy the trip as we take it 🙂

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