So we went back into ToC tongiht to have another play, and we wiped a couple of times on the Beasts, btu to be expetced since we have only taken them down once before.

We did relatively well I woudl say, just the 2 big worms giving us some trouble, one of our frinds ranked tanks can’t tank very well, so makes it a little difficult.

But our DPS was awesome, our healers were doing a pretty good job and all in all was cool to be in the new content.

We spent the rest of the time on Lord Jaxx, and we we re getting the hang of the fight so I don’t think it will be long before we are spanking his butt as well. Just a few minor details to work out, but essentially we have the hang of it, we didn’t really get him anywhere past the 74% mark, but the infernals were spanking the crap out of us, so need to rethink the strat we were using for him.  once we have that, I think easy.  Everyone was moving out of things that were dangerous and paying attention, so I am a little excited 😀

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