spanking along

So the other day I wrote about how my guys are impressing me…they did it again with a take down of Ignis 🙂

We had maybe 6 attempts in total on him and we got him.  We had always avoided him simply because we failed miserably every time we did try him, so we decided to leave him for a little while 😀  Which was obviously a good thing 🙂

We are having a little trouble on Thorim even though we have gotten him down already – each night just seems to be a little off kilter for us on him…but we shall prevail 😀  We have used the raid lock out this week in the hopes of getting some extra shots in on Freya and Thorim this week – espeically since we have killed ignis now we are hooning along.

Only 3 more bosses to go – the hardest I know…but 3 more to go.

We are also going in on monday to have a look at the new instance coliseum, some have been pugging it already so will be nice to have the experience…the rest of us nubcakes will be freaking out at the fights – they sound sooo complicated 🙂

All in all a very exicting couple of days for the guild 🙂

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