faction changes

So faction changes are out now, hubby has moved his toons over already – the minute it came available he emaied me and then as I was talking to him on the phone was in the process of filling out the details…

Sad day but now I have to decide if I want to go horde side or not… 🙁

I love my guild and I love the people I run with, however I woudl like to play on the same side as my hubby, but well…so we need to?  and I do have to remember I have a responsibility to my guild…they all just moved to a new server and i think it woudl be seriosuly fucked of me to turn around as the GM and say “too bad, I am moving sides now”…

So I will think on it before I make any decisions,a nd see how we go as a guild before I do anything as major as that 😀

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