Ulduar last night :D

Had a great night in ulduar last night, was awesome, we one shot every boss except Ignis (we skip him).

FL, razor, XT, IC, Kolo and Auri.  All one shot and perfect attempts. Very few deaths and was sexy!

I got a new ring off IC, which was a fair upgrade :d  I also got a new cloak in the heroic ToC we ran after the raid. I am trying to get the boots which the Black KNight drops…they are super sexy!!

We called it fairly early last night as our tank had to leave and we had no one else online to switch in to replace him.  Although we were short a few people, this week, and is not the norm.

I think most people were happy to call it early condsidering how well we had done. Tongiht we will smack Hodir on the rump and have a play on Thorim – see if we can’t get the hang of that fight as well 😀

I am happy with my few peices of upgrades though 😀  If I can just replace my boots, I was going to get some crafted but Muze suggested I look for boot sin H ToC and he was right there is a very smexy pair in there 😀

I also have 51 conquests badges, so will look at running some heroics perhaps Tuesday night to get that number up. I have a nice helm from ulduar, but woudl like to perhaps change my legs and gloves.

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