New Mount

So I got my new silver covenant mount last night 😀  YAY

150 tokens later.  So now I just have to save up another bucketload of seals.

There are

5 tabards I want @ 50 seals each.

2 more pets @ 40 Seals each (alliance side)

5 more pets @ 40 seals each for horde switches

1 more pet @ 40 Seals for the silver covenant exalted pet

4 mounts @ 100 seals each

1 mount @ 150 seals each

3 (?) mounts at 5 seals each and 100g….

All in all, I will need to do the argent dailies AND the heroic ToC for the next millenia to get all the stuff I want 🙂  Damn being a collection addict 😀

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