This weeks wrap up!

So Hodir finally bit the dust…no idea why he is so hard, but finally people got it together, so we went to try out Iron council as well and had Brunir to 50% before we all ended up dead…so basically they are doable as well.

For the sake of testing it out, we tried FL in hard mode tonight…all night….and well he is hard obviously, we have concluded though that our gear is just not up to standard of hard modes yet, so we ended the night by just killing him quickly so we have tomorrow and Monday to clear as much as possible.  We were however getting him down to about 39% each time with 9 people (we basically had one person dc every time we started the fight)  so I think for hard mode that is pretty good.  Well I say hardmode…we did him about 3 times on 4 towers up and fuck me!!  so we killed 2 towers and were doing ok…so more bosses and more gear and we should have that 😀  the biggest problem was our vehicles just didn’t have the health to sustain much damage….

So Thursday we clear to Iron council and have Monday for Hodir again – perhaps get him down faster this week 😀

All in all I am pretty happy with the outcomes 😀

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