Wrathion Chapter 3

I have been hanging out to write this post because I wanted to thank Zwingli, but I had to wait until the next section of the chain was complete!!!

Zwingli helped me out immensely with the Trillium Bars and that is a debt I will not be able to repay for a very long time, I don’t even know where to start repaying that debt back!  Thanks Zwingli – for being awesome!! 

Even Buddy Christ agrees!

Even Buddy Christ agrees!

So I realised I needed to do some smelting and that my warrior was my only high level miner, so I went about getting him his last 20 points to be able to smelt Trillium.

levelling minig

And then he spent a few minutes actually smelting all the ore:


Which finally let me hand in the quest and have a play with Wrathion! he wanted me to help him shape a new Azeroth!!!  I am not sure I trust him entirely, but being me, and my love of dragons, I feel I have no choice but to trust him.


And then he asked me to fight with him in an epic battle on the Isle of Thunder and after a brief fight with the Forgemaster, we entered this awesome room:


And fought a horrible Sha, that was quite hard.  I died 3 times, I mean it wasn’t overly hard fight, but there was so much stuff going on I kept getting caught on the anvils or something and then getting blown back.  It was all just bad timing.

I was in love the celestial guardian – I love the starlight – every time they use it in game, I love it, on the mount, in Ulduar, with weapons, on bosses and on mobs like the below.  I think it looks fantastic!!  Pictures never seem to do them justice.


After finally defeating that Sha, and then sticking Nalek with a lance and stealing some storm essence from him and being made to feel awesome by being called Azeroth’s potential, (yes I am My Wrathion – and just you remember that if you try – in any way – to betray me later) I am finally on the home stretch!



I finally have my meta gem!!!  WOOT WOOT!!  I ummed and ahhed about putting into my headpiece as I thought (for some reason I am still yet to figure out) that Flex gear would be higher than the headpiece I had – at 561, that would be hard.  I didn’t realise until after I looked for an upgrade to my headpiece that it was actually pretty good.    I was hoping for an achievement at the end of that but nope

So now I need to collect Titan Runestones!!  YAY, 12 of the little buggers!!!  :(

Thanks again Zwingli for getting me past the Trillium Bars!!  You are a god!


  1. McTacky

    Congrat on chapter 3!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Thanks!! Almost there, just need to run LFR more!

  2. AmerPriest

    Nice, I really been thinking of making some trillum bars now i think..Congrats on Chapter 3 your almost done!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Thanks, yup get onto it! legendary is legendary!

  3. JD Kenada

    Well done! I came across the chain and honestly chickened out on doing it. Wasn’t really sure what it entailed and then became too involved in other things to ever research it. Actually, that’s half true. I knew it involved LFR and at this stage, that’s not all that appealing. LOL

    But, keep at it just the same. I’m in the boat cheering you on!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I thought it would be horrendous as well, and honestly I haven’t found it overly horrible. I am reserving judgement until I get through the runestone section – I haven’t had one yet…


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