Now to collect cinders!

1000 of them to be exact.  Just a few weeks work if I can get into a couple of Firelands run with no one else needing the little buggers.

I noticed Owl online not doing much and begged him to please help me open the portal and fight the boss, Aza came along as well! I was pretty excited to be getting this part of the questline done.  This is the three of us at the portal – isn’t it pretty as it opens?!!?

Entering the PortalThen we headed in and did some chatting to some trees…because we all talk to trees right? Yes I am a friend little tree now make me strong!!

Friend of Nordrassil

ROAR!!!!!!  Feel the power!!  We smashed the massive elemental that popped and I clicked on the doover and voila easy peesy.  I think the entire sequence took less time than it has taken for you to read this post (or for me to type it in fact).

I am a TREE!!!

We danced in celebration!  Aren’t they cute little trees?

Dancing  Trees

Got me a snazzy title for two hours :(  I wish it lasted longer, it is such a cool title – who doesn’t like to be blessed??  I also love the trail of flowers I leave behind when running and flying – it is so pretty and spirit lifting!

Title : Blessed Defender of Nordrassil

Aza and Owl told me to hand the quest in as they were going to clear firelands since they were both there, so I bolted off to the Boring Tundra to hand it in.  They waited for me at Alyzrazor (I am so lucky to have them!).  I handed in my nubbly branch and got given a better version.

Making the branch

Branch of Nordrassil

o.O isn’t it lovely – shame it looks so boring when you have it equipped, I didn’t even both posting a photo it is so plain!  I then shot off to get bonded with Tarecgosa and got told to go and collect more things!

Bonding with Dragons

So I headed back to Firelands and we smashed though it in heroic 10 man, I got about 24-29 per drop off the boss and am now sitting at just over 150 cinders. Crooked mentioned to me that he had managed to get into a Heroic 25 man and was over 400 cinders in drew one run, so I will be trying next week to get into a heroic 25 run.

Seething Cinders

So I leave it here, with a picture of me sleeping (dead) dreaming about drew cinder drops and how close I am to having my second legendary!

Pretty sleeping

I cannot thank Owl and Aza anymore than I have been in all these posts..really..I am drew so grateful, if they could understand how much their help has meant to me, I am not sure it would make a difference to them :p  They have made my return to the game so much more enjoyable because I am able to do some of these things instead of standing around in a city doing nothing.


  1. mctacky

    Yay, boring tundra!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      hehe it so was! Not as bad as some other areas, I will admit, but boring all the same :p


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