How the mighty have fallen!!

mighty have fallenNibbleh went down last night!!

I actually started off last night collecting more pets for Eastern Kingdoms, I have 3 left to collect – 1 requires me to be up on an early morning to catch it, so I will try and do that Saturday morning and I figured since I couldn’t complete the achievement anyway, I may as well go and work on Nibbleh because I knew it would take me a little bit.

It really only took me about 9 attempts – possibly 10?  The first couple were woefully bad. The next couple were pretty good – approx 50%, then the last couple were better again at almost 20%.  I was just popping as much as I could to start to get him as low as possible and I had some lovely luck with the acid spits being way away from him.

My opener, was Timewarp, then pyro to start, then before he got to me, I had POM/pyro‘d again, hit up Living Bomb, then Inferno Blast which popped pyro again – all of that in a few seconds meant by the time I had actually started walking backwards he had a fair chunk of health down anyway, then just scorched and Inferno Blast for pyro until he died.  I found my Ice Barrier the best shield to use and I have mana shield as back up.

Doctor Fist was next, I mucked up the first time as I was well out of the hammer AOE, but as it was right next to the barrier and there was not very much of a gap I think it got me anyway. So I did him again without too much issue.  I read up on the last fight and decided it was late enough for me to head to bed, so I will give him a go tonight when I get home.

I am excited, one more boss and I will have done Rank 10, got my mount and have one less thing to worry about before WoD! I might try and do the other extra ones, but in truth I really just wanted Rank 10!






  1. Navimie

    Yay grats dragonray!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Thanks Nav :) I was pretty happy it didn’t take me as long as I thought it was going to! So many horror stories!

  2. Cymre

    Yay, Congrats!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Thanks Cymre! I have a whole bunch of people telling me they did it with a much higher ilevel than what I have and nibbleh was was a pain, so I feel quite chuffed with myself :)


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