Goodbye my friends

I don’t really know what else to say except thanks to everyone and to all the friends I made through my blog and in game.  I am cancelling my subscription tonight again.  This has not been the first time this has happened, but I don’t honestly see us taking it back up at any point again.

This time feels more final to me.

I honestly don’t have the time to play anymore, and my life only seems to get more busy as each week goes along.

I will still be around the internet though – you can find me on twitter @dragonray as I will likely delete my @azerothianlife twitter.  You can also find me at Facebook – message me if you want to add me and I will send you the profile link.  I will leave this blog here, so you can contact me via the methods available here.

There are some people – I am sure you know who you are – that mean the world to me and I appreciate everything you have done for me!

Good luck fighting the beasties guys!!!  Have a great time in game and remember life is always more important than a virtual world.

/ farewell


  1. JD Kenada


    I always like chatting with you during my early mornings before work…and quite frankly any other time we got to talk. I’ll miss you.

    Wish you the best. :)

  2. Spencer Nozell

    Goodbye, it was fun reading your work.

  3. Arioch

    Awwww, I’ll miss you!

  4. red cow

    I’ll certainly miss you! I’ll see you around on twitter, though, so it’s not all sad. Good luck and have fun :)

  5. Leit

    Fair winds and following seas.

  6. Fleety

    This is sad…don’t know what to say. I’m at a loss for words which is very unusual for me.

    RL does ALWAYS come first. Good luck in everything you do and I will miss your blog a great deal.


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