Jstmel created a transmog competition which you can find the original details of here.

The basic idea:

Each month, beginning with February, will be based on the different colors in the spectrum. I know there are 6 colors really, but Indigo and Violet are too similar in my eyes for this contest. So, I have left out Indigo leaving the following order of the contest:

February = Red Winner Post
March = Orange Winner Post
April = Yellow Winner Post
May = Green winner Post
June = Blue Winner Post
July = Violet Winner Post

This was a fantastic event and the above has links to all the other outfits submitted for the month.  Below are the outfits I submitted for each month (currently not able to find 2 months, but I am sure I entered…so I will update when I can find the outfits I made).


March – Winner for the month

April- Joint winner with Navimie


image to be attached



Image to be attached.