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Video: Hagara

Finally remembered to tape a hagara kill with the guild I absolutely love doing these videos – I know they are terribly bad, but I enjoy it so much


Sorry I haven’t been around much, I decided to start taping our kills in DS, and so I have been spending time playing with those and uploading them to youtube etc Drop past and say hello if you get a chance!!  My youtube nickname is onyxiia

Raiding as fire

I did my first raid the other night as full fire, and it was…interesting….to say the least…I suck at rotations at this stage…I kept getting flustered when things would proc, I have also discovered my UI SUCKS! I have cast bars over other bars and I can’t see boss debuffs, and I can’t seem to […]

Video: Cho’gall

Look out for the error in the text  I didn’t even realise until I uploaded it…one day I may change it…and to be honest I have no idea why it even changed from what I had to set to originally